Art By Collection

View our collection of Art by Edition name. We release Limited and Open Edition Art Multiples as well as Original paintings. Our work is available framed or unframed. Check back often as we are always adding new items.

  • Blue Notes 9

    The Limited Edition prints in the Blue Notes series is a grouping of abstract artworks that share the energy and dynamism of mid-century modern art, from biomorphic organic forms to gestural and jazz-influenced improvisations.

  • California Dreaming 4

    LA-based Photographer Lindsay Pulsipher captures her unique perspective on California vistas with her medium format film camera, exploiting all the aesthetic idiosyncrasies of analog film.

  • Graphites 2

    This series of large-scale black and white abstract drawings provides large fields of texture and dynamic lines in a soft pallette of warm graphite grays.

  • Plumes 4

    The Plumes series depict a variety of exotic feathers in dense almost abstract arrangements, captured in large format Black and White photographs.

  • Cumulus 7

    This luscious series based on watercolor paintings by Artist and DDE co-founder Molly Frances is rich in oceanic hues and has a silken, velvet-like surface texture. Inspired by Chinese and Japanese brush paintings, English Romantic painters like Blake and Turner, and Modern Abstract painters such as Frankenthaler and Rothko.

  • Nocturnes 11

    Artist Molly Frances’ Nocturnes, a series of collaged paintings that peer into a world of magic and visual poetry.

  • Noir 8

    Artist Molly Frances’ Noir, a series of moody and mysterious abstract black and white collages with hints of imagery and drama. Inspired by classic Film Noir, Art Deco, and Surrealism.

  • Palm Frames 5

    A most sought after view, this series of Black and White photographs peers skyward through a shifting frame of Palm fronds. From a beach somewhere in Maui.

  • Photography Between 32

    A selection of photographs situated between representation and abstraction.

  • Pierrot 1

    Our series of whimsical line drawings featuring a cast of Pierrot characters in all their complex emotions.

  • Reflections 7

    A series of black and white abstract prints noted for their organic shapes, dynamic linework, and scumbled brush textures.

  • The Kleeman Archives 5

    DDE recently acquired a body of work by Mid-Century Abstract painter Phillip Kleeman and are releasing a limited edition based on his paintings and works on paper. Kleeman was associated with the NY School of Abstract Expressionist painting early in his career, later relocating to Los Angeles where his work acquired a kind of ‘cool jazz’ feeling.

  • The Travels 15

    From photographer Eden Batki's series The Travels shot of film in locations as diverse as Giza, Mexico, and Iceland.

  • Waves and Fog 1

    A series of large scale photographs shot by Jeaneen Lund on the seas and mountaintops of Iceland.