DDE Artist Profile: Photographer Jeaneen Lund

Jeaneen Lund PhotographerWhile currently calling Brooklyn home, Photographer Jeaneen Lund doesn’t stay still for long. The Los Angeles native’s photographic collections span environments as disparate as the desert of Joshua Tree, California, to the frosty formations of the Lanjökull Glacier of Iceland.

While stopping off in Iceland en route to Paris a few years ago, Jeaneen developed a fascination with the  landscape, culture, and pure otherness of what she found, and soon after spent a year living there photographing and documenting what she saw. pinkhouses

icelandmapNow back in NY, she returns to Iceland frequently, recently spending 5 weeks photographing the Icelandic circus, or Sirkus Islands, as well as shooting the Icelandic swim team and a portfolio of Icelandic musicians for OUT magazine including Jónsi from Sigur Rós, Páll Óskar, and singer John Grant._MG_2577RTC_LUND-sm

kids2On the same trip she photographed British-born Iceland-based performance artist Kitty Von-Sometime on the set of her music video being shot at the Lanjökull Glacier just prior to the Bárðarbunga volcanic system’s recent outburst.

Jeaneen’s Iceland Edition for DDE captures the in-between moments, the wandering-off-into-an-unknown-winter-landscape moments, the staring-deep-down-into-a-strange-blue-glacier moments that most of us can only experience by proxy. Through Jeaneen’s lens we see the rare Icelandic Horses, the near-mystical phenomena of the Northern Lights, mountain sides that look like a frosted wedding cake dripping with frozen waterfalls, the quiet expanses of colorless landscape, the jagged snow-streaked rock formations, and the vaporous, seething pools of the glacier.

Icelandic CemetaryOf course, as she has shown in other images, Iceland is not simply existential vastness, but also populated by brightly painted pink houses, children who favor flourescents, and warm healing pools filled with beautiful people. Apparently, even the cemeteries are minimal art masterpieces of clean Scandinavian lines and colored lights.

Jeaneen is currently featured in the group art show Ritual at the Cob Gallery in Camden, UK through December 21. You can read more about the exhibit here: Dazed Magazine.

See more of Jeaneen’s work here.